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Mistress Hybrid

Mistress Hybrid

Mistress hybrid, femdom, domination, leather, latex, dungeon

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Mistress Hybrid


Well you can’t have me yet you tease easing further up my body till you are squatting over my face only inches above my mouth. Your pussy so lovely and red and swollen with all your rubbing and bulging as it contains the love eggs that plug and hold back your secret. Do you like what you se you ask… oh yes Miss I want it so fucking bad … well lick my tight arse hole first while I rub my clit and maybe just maybe you will get my surprise for you if I feel you have done well enough… with that you sit down on my face and manoeuvre your tight arse over my mouth as my tongue searches around for your entry… oh that’s good you affirm yes just like that as you moan a little while continuing to rub and stroke your now very very hard clit and hungry pussy …..

Mistress hybrid, femdom, domination, leather, latex, dungeon

OH Oh… yes, .. stretch me you command … grab my arse cheeks and stretch me open… I want your tongue up inside … now flick it… flick it… I grab your arse cheeks and pull gently opening your tight hole a little more easing my tongue further in and flicking just like you commanded… your breathing deepens as you rub your clit faster and faster… oh yes… just like that… harder harder tongue fuck me harder as you grind down on my face… fuck I am smothering in your arse and I am strangely getting harder and hornier the more you grind on me….. I feel moistness streaming down from Mistress Hybrid pussy onto my face but with my eyes closed and my tongue deep in your arse I only presume its your own juices as you continue to pleasure your pussy with your fingers and I cant wait for you to let me have the pleasure myself of that wet wide pussy on my lips and tongue….

I’m getting close you warn… so stop tonguing my arse and finger fuck it… I want 2 of your fingers inside me when I cum….hurry, Hurry Fuck Me… hard…. Get those fucking fingers in my ARSE…… I cant believe what I’m hearing but its getting me so hard knowing that you are close to climax and I will soon have the pleasure of your most delicious juices… so without hesitation I push two finger into Mistress Hybrid and begin fucking Mistress Hybrid arse as hard as I can, all the while you’re still rubbing your clit but now so much faster than before… fuck fuck…. I’m really fucking close now, you manage through clenched teeth… close your eyes and open your mouth wide… I want you to drink down all my juices when I cum, you instruct me…. Your wish is my command I think to myself in my eagerness to please… my eyes closed my mouth wide open, I am ramming my fingers knuckle deep in your arse and you are beginning to squirm, my fingers now furiously pump into your tight hole and my face I press up as close to your dripping pussy as I can awaiting your gushing orgasm. Your breathing quickens, your moaning louder and together we work as fast as possible at bringing you to the brink and then beyond. I feel Mistress Hybrid legs begin mildly shaking as you rapidly approach your climax…

FUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUCK oh god yes… fuuuuck me fuck meeeee, I’m cumming I’m cummming don’t stop! you moan as you climax harder than I’ve ever known…. And as you do so you reach around and release the spent cum covered love eggs into my hungry mouth… fuck fuck fucccck you continue as you begin grinding your wide and very wet cum covered pussy on my mouth….. drink it all down Mistress Hybrid commands… drink it drink it…. As I lick and slurp at your pussy still with my eyes closed drinking and licking all of the spillage from your wild orgasm … drink down that other mans fucking cum you snivelling late worm…. And you squat over me placing your pussy hard and tight over my sticky cum covered love egg filled mouth… and using a hand to smear any juice that isn’t in my mouth over my face in disgust… drink it down DRINK IT ALL…. Your words ring around the room…. Don’t ever be late again or you will never ever again have the pleasure of my pussy but will only be allowed the spent cum of my other lovers… let that be a lesson to you …. You give me one last smear of cum sticky fingers across my face and rammed into my mouth as you rise from me…. at least you managed to make me cum that is a small reward, are your parting words as you head out the bedroom…… MOIST DEFINITELY to be continued 😀

Dungeon Time Come With Me In My Dungeon

dungeon, Miss Hybrid, corset, thigh boots, leather, latex, glass dildo, toys

Dungeon Time Come With Me in My Dungeon

Come in and make yourself at home in my dungeon. You can sit at the school desk trying to conceal your hard cock while I show you my open crotch panties. If you are really good you can hold the glass dildo while I ride it. Just look how much I can take!




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The Real Kinky English Lady, Mistress Hybrid

Miss Hybrid, the real kinky english lady

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Mistress Hybrid, The Real Kinky English Lady

kinky English Lady, Miss Hybrid, leather, latex, thigh boots
Mistress Hybrid, Britain’s number one femme fatale. Her real life revolves around sharing her kinky antics on screen, filmed in her English manor house

As a spoilt english lady, I enjoy a lifestyle of filth and fun.

Miss Hybrid In Latex on the steps to her Dungeon

Miss Hybrid In Latex on the steps to her Dungeon

Come and watch me getting my own way, as I make men yield themselves to me.
I have hours of video for you to worship me in from afar.

Miss Hybrid

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