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Swollen Hard Nipples

Swollen Hard Nipples

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Swollen Hard Nipples

As I was in the bad books I’m thinking i would have no choice but to obey your demands and I had also displeased you then you may feel I deserved punished somewhat so when i do eventually arrive you invite me in cordially to begin with and assure me with a gentle lingering kiss that my lateness had not spoiled or evening plans… as you kissed me your Swollen Hard Nipples pressed against me (obviously having just been fucked you were still horny even though I had annoyed you) and instantly my cock began to show signs of life…

your deliciously heavy scent hangs in the air and the feel of your lipstick ever so slightly sticky and within moments my cock was throbbing and straining to get out for its confines.

You know I want you and so you usher me upstairs to the bedroom with the promise of a delightfully new seXXXperience for me which I will be most surprised about…

You drag me up the stair by my cock which you now have gripped in your hand having teased me by kneeling before me and gripping my ass cheeks as you expertly use your mouth lips, teeth and tongue to release my cock from my trousers but without letting me have the pleasure of your mouth around my straining head as I am still unknowingly being tortured for my lateness…

Once upstairs you usher me onto my back laying me down on the bed, I haven’t even had the chance to take of my jacket but I am not even thinking such things as I have your flesh and the pleasures of it pounding in my head and my cock and I just want to thrust my cock up inside you and have the wet and wild fuck of my life!!…

You bend over kissing my lips again ever so lighting never giving me the full deep hard kiss I crave as my torturing continues. You hand continues its magic on my cock as you slowly stroke it up and down the full length of my shaft pausing momentarily at the head each time and giving a light squeeze just to make me squirm and tense more.

You pause and lean up commanding I should continue to wank myself but not under any circumstances should I get close to cumming as that will be your job when you decide I am allowed.

As I wank slowly my stiff cock gazing lustfully at you as you lift one stocking clad stiletto heeled leg up onto the bed beside my waist such that I can see your silk panties peeking out from under your evening dress which you have hitched up to allow freedom of movement.

Now Stop! You command. I see you wanting my pussy juices you will get them in time but before you do I want you to watch me rub myself more till I cum. As you were so late you will see I had to start without you, and with that you pull your panties to the side allowing me to see your swollen pussy just about concealing your love eggs nestled inside. Your fingers start slowly teasing me at first pulling your lips a little apart to reveal more and more of the eggs but not enough to let your secret spill out as that is my surprise which I unknowingly have as my punishment when you have me at my weakest moment you will then and only then force those juices upon me!

Your rubbing and fingering get me hornier and harder if at all possible and my cock stands rigid to attention, now dripping pre-cum in small droplets from my head as it throbs and pulses with such deep desire I find it hard to refrain from grabbing you and thrusting up hard inside your deliciously sweet hole. I am desperate to touch you, taste you and feel my cock deep inside you but you don’t allow it commanding that I stop touching myself and just watch as your fingering and rubbing of your hard clit and swollen pussy get faster and faster. You move further up my body now above my chest and pause … how bad do you want to taste me you ask…

Swollen-Hard-Nipples-1 Swollen Hard Nipples
How bad… you repeat ..HOW BAD…. Fuck yes Miss I want you now I need you on me I want to taste you, eat you bury my face in your soaking wet pussy and feel you squirming around on my lips and tongue. I want to make you cum I want you squirting on me and cumming hard on my cock I want you I want you I want you NOW….

Well you can’t have me yet you tease easing further up my body till you are squatting over my face only inches above my mouth. Your pussy so lovely and red and swollen with all your rubbing and bulging as it contains the love eggs that plug and hold back your secret. Do you like what you se you ask… oh yes Miss I want it so fucking bad … well lick my tight arse hole first while I rub my clit and maybe just maybe you will get my surprise for you if I feel you have done well enough… with that you sit down on my face and manoeuvre your tight arse over my mouth as my tongue searches around for your entry… oh that’s good you affirm yes just like that as you moan a little while continuing to rub and stroke your now very very hard clit and hungry pussy …..

To Be continued

Latex Mistress, Miss Hybrid


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Latex Mistress

I am a member of Misshybrid’s site, with the user name Latex-Mistress-Lover. I would like to proceed for a custom work, based on a “real” wrestling match in which Misshybrid “really” wins.
Here is my script:
Scene 1: Misshybrid is wearing tight blue jeans, that are folded up so that her feet and ankles are seen clearly. She is also wearing high heel shoes/sandals, and a top which would suit her jeans or a bikini. In the begining she is first standing and talking to the camera, like she is talking to the watcher about her background in sports, and how she gained her fit look. She will also talk about her physical superirority compared to other girls, and flex her arm muscles. She will be filmed from feet to head, can be leaning on a wall or sth. During this talk she will also be doing some shoeplay/dipping (I can send pics of what I mean).
Scene2:This time she is sitting on a chair, dressed up the same way. Again,all her body from feet to head will be filmed, and she will do some shoeplay. She is now talking on the phone talking to another girl about thier respective boyfirends wrestling match. She says that they are a better and hotter couple, so she is confident that her boy will win. The other girl, who is weaker than Misshybrid, will not agree. Misshybrid will then stand up, and talk about how they train with her boy, and how herself can physically and sexually dominate her as well. While she does it, she does dipping (it is about taking the shoe off while standing, I can send the pic). Both girls then decide to watch the match together, and wrestle themselves after the match. While she is standing and dipping, Misshybrid will be filmed from head to toe again.


Scene 3:The girls meet in a room and strat to watch their boyfriends match. They watch the match on TV, while sitting. Miss Hybrid has the same clothes as in the two previous scenes. Both girls will be filmed from head to feet. The arrogant and weaker girl is dresses less simple than MissHybrid, like more fashionable or dressed up like
going out. We understand that she is more like a model or a sexy barbie, and not as fit as Misshybrid.. She can be wearing latex which would be ideal as I love a Latex Mistress or leather pants…. She can also be wearing boots or high heel shoes. During the time they watch the match, Misshybrid does shoeplay again. She talks about the match and about the way her boyfriend is humiliating the other’s. She will be talking dirty. The other girl sits in a more arrogant way like crossing her legs. Although she watches her boyfriend loose, she keeps on being arrogant. When the match is over, the girls stand up, stare at each other’s eyes and start to do some trash talking. Misshybrid will tell the weaker girl that she will dominate her just the same way as her own boyfriend did to hers. She will say things like “my boyfriend made yours his bitch, now you will be mine” (I mean just an exemple…). And will do some more dirty talking about how she will physically and sexually dominate her. Then they start to wrestle. During the whole action Misshybrid will be in her jeans that are folded up as I said, and BARE FEET.. The other girl will have hers on. After a REAL WRESTLING, Misshyrbid gets the weaker girl step by step and easily down.. First she gets the girl down on dry land, after taking her to several positions like backbreaker, or other humiliating positions, and lying her down and climbing on her, and then humping her back and Latex Mistress, gets off on this… Then she gets the girl in schoolgirl pin position, sits on her belly and straddles her (I can send the pics). After a while, she likes the way she sits on the girl… She starts to rub her crocth part on the girls belly, then sits on her chest… then turns the position to a facesitting… After sitting like this for a while and she continues the dirty talk, and starts grinding the looser’s face. She then, against the other girl’s will, puts her zippers down and her pants a bit down, masturbates herself and rub the looser’s face with her pussy, untill she ejacultes… I would like to see body fluids on the loseer’s face. If Miss Hybrid can squirt, that would be perfect. Satisfied, Miss hybrid stands up, and diffuse the cum on the lossers face with her foot. Then she goes to sit on a chair again… But the weaker girl wants to wrestle again, and asks for oil wrestling, and in the end the looser will be dildo fucked. As she is a stripper in a club and has done this before, she is confident. She takes her shoes off to, and both girls start oiling up themselves, Miss hybrid in her jeans and bikini, the other girl in her pants and bikini. They do this in the oil pit, which already has some oil on it as well. This becomes a very shiny oil wrestling. I want to see the real very wet and shining look on all over Misshybrids jeans.
After a REAL WRESTLING again, Misshybrid naturally and confidently gets to the victory again.. she will humiliate the other girl in any position she likes, in a way only a real, fit and sexy woman could do to a cute barbie doll who needs a lesson… There again will be straddling, schoolgirl pinning, Latex Mistress, facesitting. While she is facesitting/dominating the looser, she controls thye weaker girl easily, since she is much stronger. She puts the dildo on, without taking her jeans off. The the dildo can be thrown to her from side. She will then unbotton the weaker girls button, take her pants down and open her butt, and starts fucking her with her dildo. She will do all that in her in oiled and shining jeans..
IN the end, she will get up and pull her zippers up give some poses in oily jeans and tells to the camera how she humiliated the other girl, all her body from head to toe being filmed…

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The Real Kinky English Lady, Mistress Hybrid

Miss Hybrid, the real kinky english lady

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Mistress Hybrid, The Real Kinky English Lady

kinky English Lady, Miss Hybrid, leather, latex, thigh boots
Mistress Hybrid, Britain’s number one femme fatale. Her real life revolves around sharing her kinky antics on screen, filmed in her English manor house

As a spoilt english lady, I enjoy a lifestyle of filth and fun.

Miss Hybrid In Latex on the steps to her Dungeon

Miss Hybrid In Latex on the steps to her Dungeon

Come and watch me getting my own way, as I make men yield themselves to me.
I have hours of video for you to worship me in from afar.

Miss Hybrid

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